Masaje Sensual La primera vez

The Sensual Massage: A Path to Relaxation and Connection

Sensual Massage is a wonderful way to relax, connect, and explore pleasure with a lover or close friend.

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At Marabu Madrid Erotic Massages, we invite you to join us in honoring and celebrating the body as a temple of pleasure. This experience will allow you to explore erotic energy in new ways and also serves as a magnificent prelude to lovemaking.

Giving a Sensual Massage

When giving a Sensual Massage, you can decide who will give and who will receive. Invite the receiver to lie face down on a massage table, bed, or blanket on the floor. Ensure they are warm and comfortable. The giver gently places their hands on the receiver, acknowledging this as a unique opportunity to honor and serve the receiver. Tune in to the receiver by breathing with them for a few minutes.

Sensual Massage

Start awakening their skin by lightly caressing it with feathers, furs, or fingertips. When ready, cover their body with warm oil and use long, slow massage strokes. You are massaging beyond the surface of their body, connecting with them on multiple levels. Encourage them to breathe deeply, make sounds, and move their body. This allows energy to awaken, move, and release. Use different parts of your body—your hair, arms, and chest—to be playful, curious, and creative. This is what a Sensual Massage is all about.

Sensual Massage

Midway through the session, invite the receiver to turn over. Massage the front of their body with warm oil, again using long strokes. Introduce sound in a new way to tone their body, using sounds like Ah, Yumm, or Omm. This can be a powerful tool for activating the receiver’s body energy. When ready to explore their genitals, start on the outside with oil, being gentle and slow at first. Give them time to release any tension in the area. Listen to their body, watch them respond and become aroused. Focus on what brings them pleasure and try different strokes. Be creative again—how much pleasure can they allow?

Are they open to exploring the possibility of multiple orgasms?

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