Erotic Masseuse Lucia

  • Age: 22 years old
  • Country of origin: Spain
  • Height: 156 cm
  • Body: 95-63-95
  • Hair color: blonde
  • Eyes color: green

Lucia is a figure of soft elegance and enveloping sweetness, whose transparency and authenticity illuminate both simple environments and high-glamour settings. She has an innate appreciation for the subtle details of life, which she deeply values in her daily life. Her passion for travel allows her to immerse herself in new cultures and intimately connect with people from all over the world, enriching her adventurous soul. With a fervent love for reading, Lucia delves into the pages of books that continually expand her mind and sharpen her understanding of the world. This thirst for knowledge is complemented by her dedication to sports; in particular, climbing and yoga, which not only sculpt her figure but also strengthen her connection with the body and spirit. These disciplines reveal a subtle sensuality and inner strength, highlighting her focus on overall well-being and personal harmony.