• Age: 27 years old
  • Country of origin: Spain
  • Height: 173cm
  • Body: 85-65-95
  • Hairs color: chocolate
  • Eyes Color: Chocolate

Hi, I’m Valeria, a charismatic young Spanish lady.
As refined and elegant as it is daring, cheerful and romantic. Half sweet, half spicy. Of majestic and slender gait like those of a white horse. A very special girl. Fantasy, beauty and affection. A total diva with a long glove.
I developed professionally as an event hostess and brand image. I have combined my university studies with the profession of photographic model in different campaigns and I have walked the catwalk.
They say that mine is a heart attack.
I am a woman with an impressive and magnetic presence. Of good conversation and better silence. A most wonderful magnet. A lady with sneaky movements capable of making your hair stand on end with a single look. I exude an air of sophistication, mystery, subtlety and sensuality, perfect for any occasion. I adapt to each environment with a special instinct. My companions often say that when I am, magic happens. 173 centimeters of Pure Art.
Shall we take a walk through the Garden of Earthly Delights together?
A lover of good taste and style. A girl full of life and enthusiasm, with the desire to conquer the world. I am very ambitious and my dream is to be a successful businesswoman in show business. I love taking care of even the smallest detail and making people live exciting experiences; of those that remain tattooed on the skin, the retina, and the heart.
My interests and tastes traveling in a wide range of colors. I am able to enjoy a simple plan like doing the Camino de Santiago and the most vain luxury among the glamour of a Dinner Show in Dubai. I can be dancing on the podium of the best party of your life and at the same time stand out for my knowing how to be delicate at a discreet dinner in Madrid.
Velvet and cashmere in winter, cool silk for summer. Warm, kind and funny. Always open to love. I am looking for someone with whom I complement myself and that my dreams go around the world leaving a trail.

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