El sexo y las calorías 5+

Sex and Calories: The Art of Burning on All Fronts

Sports and Sex: Interconnected Through Various Means

Sports and sex are intertwined in many ways: the pursuit of pleasure (hormones), the desire to always go one step further, the importance of the mind, the need to have the body you desire, health benefits, and also their relationship in a significant aspect of modern societies, the Body Mass Index: calorie loss.

Sex and Calories: The Art of Burning on All Fronts

If an hour of walking or 30 minutes of jogging burns around 300 calories (depending on your pace, weight, frequency of workouts, etc.), and sports are generally effective in keeping fit, what about our erotic efforts? How can a somersault at the bottom of the bed help us burn some calories?

Which “Naughty” Activities Make the Most Calories Evaporate?

El sexo y las calorías

The Preliminaries or the Foreplay of Sex and Calories

Oral Sex: 100 calories

Anything that goes into the mouth doesn’t make you fat. This observation about the virtues of oral sex for losing some calories holds true. Engaging in this practice with enthusiasm for a certain period can work wonders. If both are looking for fun and weight loss, indulging in a slimming 69 could be the solution.

Masturbation: 150 calories

El sexo y las calorías

The good news is you don’t need a partner to burn calories in bed! If you prefer sporty accessories, a vibrator can make you sweat more and consume more calories. Gentlemen can discover the pleasure of assisted masturbation with a prostate massager to say goodbye to calories.

20 Minutes of Foreplay: 90 calories

Generally, engaging in a handful of preparatory caresses can help lose some calories. Another reason not to skip this essential phase of exploration. With enough erogenous zones, you can maintain this phase for about 20 minutes and burn those extra 90 calories.

In the Missionary Position: 200 calories

El sexo y las calorías

You don’t need acrobatic positions to burn calories: the missionary position, performed wisely, will work in your favor. Just make it last at least 10 minutes to create a certain frenzy.

Orgasm: 60 calories

That’s a quarter of the calories in a Big Mac. It’s an honest score considering a female orgasm lasts 20 seconds and a male orgasm around 6 seconds. You don’t need to be in a duo to enjoy this calorie reduction. A renowned tool for calorie loss!


Let’s be honest, just like in the gym, achieving the calorie loss mentioned requires some time practicing it, and you won’t see effects overnight.

El sexo y las calorías

The average duration of sexual intercourse is approximately 6 minutes, which helps burn only about twenty calories. It’s hard to lose calories, but with these alternative activities, you can hope to make a difference.

Practice a lot of sex, and the longer, the better. You’ll get a nearly perfect body, or at least enjoy trying.

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