El sexo y sus beneficios

The Benefits of Sex

If you want to discover the multiple benefits of sex, keep reading. And if you want to see how true they are, don’t hesitate to practice with the most beautiful and delightful erotic masseuses we have at Marabú Madrid.

Incredible Benefits of Sex or the Unlikely Influences of Ecstasy


We already knew that sex had many health benefits, some surprising, such as the ability to cure headaches, improve sleep, and strengthen our immune system. But beyond these important benefits for our bodies, the impact is not just physical…

Strange Benefits of Copulation

Sex Makes You Smarter

A study conducted by the University of Maryland has shown that making love can boost the production of brain cells. By multiplying our orgasms, we could increase our IQ. Could we have discovered Einstein’s secret?

Sex Makes You Generous

An experiment demonstrated that oxytocin, the love hormone, secreted in large quantities during orgasm, made its recipients more generous. In a test group, some couples were given oxytocin while others received a placebo.


When the money from the experiment was later distributed to all participants and they were asked how much they were willing to give to their partner, those with oxytocin in their bodies gave more! If sex makes people more generous, it could be a wonderful solution for a better world…

The Body Towards Pleasure

Conversely, being generous in bed by dedicating yourself to your partner’s pleasure can be more beneficial for your own pleasure!

Throw a surprise party for your partner starting with a romantic dinner with aphrodisiac dishes, followed by a long and delicious intimate Sensual Massage, beginning with relaxation and gradually transforming into giving pleasure. Continue by focusing on each other’s erogenous zones, increasing pleasure and well-being, caressing each other with all senses and erogenous zones of the body, finally ending in total ecstasy…

Sex Makes You Rich


A joint study by a research center in Germany and another in disadvantaged areas in Greece highlighted this surprising statistic: People who make love at least four times a week are wealthier.

Sex Makes You Creative

Scientists at Rutgers University in the U.S., analyzing parts of women’s brains during orgasm, observed that blood flow, oxygenation, and significant nutrient consumption were flooding the brain, allowing for greater concentration and better creativity.

Ever wondered where talent comes from?

What are you waiting for to achieve all these benefits with the irresistible sensual masseuses waiting for you at Marabú Madrid?

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