El Arte del Masaje Lingam y la Retroeyaculación

The Art of Lingam Massage and Retroejaculation

In our previous post, we discussed how the Lingam massage focuses primarily on the man’s penis. This is one of the main differences between it and the sensual massage, whose ultimate goal is orgasm and ejaculation.

However, many sexologists and specialized authors argue, not without some controversy, that the ultimate goal of the Lingam massage is not the “wet” ejaculation. In these discussions, a concept unfamiliar to Western cultures for many centuries often appears: retroejaculation, or ejaculation without semen.

Many experienced masseuses and a significant number of men who receive these massages consider retroejaculation to be a myth, akin to the tales of “One Thousand and One Nights.” But it is not a myth; retroejaculation is real.

Retroejaculation occurs when a man is able, voluntarily, to have an orgasm without the expulsion of semen from his body. In other words, ejaculation and orgasm are clearly separated.


The main advantage of retroejaculation is that a man can have multiple orgasms during a single sexual encounter (or massage, in our case).

How can one learn to retroejaculate? The answer is both simple and complex: exercise and training. It involves “educating” the pubococcygeus muscle (which runs from the anus to the testicles). The technique is straightforward: when urinating, squeeze the muscle as much as possible to stop the flow of urine. This movement should coincide with inhaling. When exhaling, relax the muscle to allow the urine to flow. Repeat this exercise 3 or 4 times during each urination. Through this “training,” you can teach the muscle to contract when you are close to ejaculation, thus preventing it.

Our experience as specialized masseuses shows that few men achieve retroejaculation naturally. In fact, many of our clients prefer not to pursue this practice. They would rather have multiple ejaculations, even if it means needing more time to regain an erection after the first ejaculation.

If you decide to follow our recommendations, come and tell us how it went for you.

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