• Age: 22 years
  • Country of origin: Spain
  • Height: 172cm
  • Body: 85-75-90
  • Hairs color: light brown
  • Eyes color: light brown

Hi, I’m Alicia, an authentic pearl of the Mediterranean. My skin is smooth and clear, almost crystalline; the one that sparkles like the most elegant mother-of-pearl. My eyes are green, and my face is sweet and innocent.
Those who know me say that my natural beauty is mesmerizing. My whole body and my face is natural, I love to enjoy it and others enjoy contemplating it and caressing it with the subtlety and delicacy it deserves. My wavy mahogany hair harmonizes my face, they say I look like an angel recently come down from heaven.
I am a young girl raised in the city of Malaga, a very educated and cheerful girl. I have developed professionally in the sector of the production of musical events, my charismatic character and my passion for partying have come in handy for the sector. I am currently studying public relations since my gift of people characterizes me. I speak several languages ​​and my diplomatic attitude fits in any environment.
In my free time I like to participate in volunteer work, especially those related to what is the most beautiful thing in this world for me… animals. I love to communicate without words, just feel them and identify their emotions and needs just by looking into their eyes.
I love the cold days, when i can wrap myself in hugs and good coats. My favorite perfume is Cinema by Yves Saint Laurent and my ideal date is in a hostel having a glass of wine, since I love historical buildings.
I am a lover of cinema, beauty, art, traveling and getting to know different cultures; My dream is to go around the world.
Fancy a trip through Wonderland?