• Age: 26 years old
  • Country of origin: Venezuela
  • Height: 165 cm
  • Body: 88-60-88
  • Hairs color: brown
  • Eyes color: brown

Estefanía is the embodiment of elegance and sensuality, a woman whose passion for life is reflected in each of her interests. At the gym, she moves with a grace that is both powerful and seductive, her dedication to fitness highlighting the curves and strength of her figure. Her love for outdoor photography leads her to capture scenes bathed in sunlight, where the play of shadows and colors enhances the natural beauty and her own charm. Music and singing are expressions of her vibrant soul for her. Her voice, rich and enveloping, is an echo of her inner self, full of energy and sensuality. In the privacy of her home, preparing Margarita cocktails becomes a stylish ritual, each movement a dance that invites relaxation and pleasure. Her affinity with cats reveals a tender and mysterious side. These elegant felines are the perfect companions for her leisure moments, in which she immerses herself in the world of cinema and literature, seeking stories that stimulate her mind and awaken her senses. Estefanía is, in essence, a woman of refined and sensual tastes, a mix of strength and delicacy that seduces and captivates those around her. Her life is a canvas of rich and profound experiences, each adding a touch of glamour and passion to her existence.