• Age: 22 years old
  • Country of origin: Latin America
  • Height: 165cm
  • Body: 85-75-90
  • Hairs color: light brown
  • Eyes color: light brown

Hello, I’m Llili, a charming brunette who recently arrived from the Caribbean, arrived with the whirlwind of heat and the tropical flavor engraved on her skin.

I consider myself a very sensual, elegant and educated young woman. My life story has many facets; of which I always keep the positive and everything that helps me to learn and develop my personal growth.
I really like art, I still don’t know much about Madrid and I would love to find someone to guide me through the different exhibitions and museums, since painting and colors inspire me and fill me with life. I am also enthusiastic and active, and I love to dance… especially dancing close together…
I am passionate about traveling and discovering new places, I confess that I usually choose those destinations where I can show off my defined and feminine figure.
My true vocation is to practice sports, I feel very proud of leading a healthy lifestyle and I presume to be disciplined with exercise; nothing like a good dose of happiness hormones. Adrenaline and oxytocin, the essential ingredients of my favorite cocktail… a cocktail called Love.
I have trained and developed professionally as a personal trainer, I love motivating people to improve themselves and cultivate self-love. I am excited about adventures and feeling full of energy.
Of course, nobody is bitter about a sweet; and as soon as I let myself go I become a tender and affectionate girl. The ideal company.
A whim, a delight, a Chocolate. Pure chemistry in your hands.